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Forged in Fire - The DEMON has been UNLEASHED

 Your hands grip the leather wrapped steering wheel as your heart races. Line lock is activated to spin the large NITTO radials to get them dripping and sticky. You are inching up to the starting line, trans brake - check, torque reserve - check, yellow - yellow - yellow - green!

 Demon launches you off the starting line with an incredible 1.8 G force, and actually lifting the car off its front wheels for 2.92ft, pinning you to the back of your seat as you launch this beast down the quarter mile. In 1 second you have hit 30mph, in 2.3s you've hit 60 mph and in 5.1s you're now at 100mph. Demon is running the quarter in 9.65 seconds. That is the fastest quarter mile time of any production car, ever made. After the National Hot Rod Association certified those times, it then offically banned it from competition for being too fast. A badge of honor that Dodge, SRT, and FCA Fiat Chrysler will proudly wear.

Here is what you need to know about Demon. While many may think the Demon Hemi V8 is just an amped up version of the legendary Hell Cat engine, you are wrong. Over 50% of the engine has been redesigned. Demon is boasting a 2.7L Super Charger which increases boost to 14.5psi. There is the first ever production SRT Power Chiller intercooler system, which taps into the AC to help cool the Supercharger; even after the engine is shut off. Not only does the Demon have the headlamp air induction, but it also has the largest production functional hood scoop, trademarked the Air Grabber to gulp air into the engine. She is also the first ever production car to include a trans brake. After all is said and done, Demon is making 840hp to the rear wheels and an outstanding 770 ft lbs of torque (on 100 High Octane fuel) and the fastest 0-60 time of 2.3s.

 Demon's styling is different from her Hell Cat counter part. She has a little bit wider stance, thanks to the fender flares on the rear wheel wells with will allow her to fit the large drag radials, customer made NITTO tires, which will make her the first production car of the factory line with drag radials. Demon will also come with a custom crate of high performance parts for when you take it to the track which will include a pair of skinnys for the front wheels and a Track Tech Manual (among other components). Demon will also be the first production car that will offer a front seat delete as well. But have no fear, Demon is completely street legal for those who don't want to take her to the quarter mile but want a car with some serious muscle and power behind it. Demon will also come with the factory 3 year/36000 mile and 5 year/60,000 limited power train warranty. 

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Blog by Amanda Wise


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