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Spring and summer are right around the corner and what better time to "Go Topless!"  To all my hard top Wrangler owners who think "man, it's a pain to constantly take the hard top off and find a place to store it", have no fear!  You have plenty of options to "Go Topless"!  There is always the Bikini or Safari top that offers you the open air of having the top completely off while maintaining protection from the sun, especially on those hot summer days.  The main piece of hardware you would need to install the Bikini or Safari top is the windshield channel.

The other option hard top owners have is to do the soft top conversion.  Some key aspects you will need are the door surrounds, windshield channel, bow assembly, tailgate bar and retainer clips, and of course the soft top itself.  There are two styling options you have for the soft - the classic square box look for Jeep, and the newer and growing increasingly popular Fast Back style which is the slanted rear windshield.

If you have a buddy helping you out, it doesn't take long at all to install everything.  One tip is when you start doing the conversion, lay the soft top out on the ground and make sure it is a warm day so the fabric can warm up.  Letting the fabric warm up makes it stretchier and easier to work with to attach to your bows.

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