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It's no secret that, when you're in need of some serious muscle on the road, you can't go wrong with everything offered by the 2017 Dodge Challenger muscle car! And now, if you've also been dreaming of this muscle car with some extra grip on the road, then dream no longer as the 2017 Challenger GT AWD has, as the name suggests, all-wheel drive to ensure your command of the road is complete. Specifically, it remains in rear-wheel drive mode until the extra grip is needed, then sends power to the wheels accordingly. The experts at Kelley Blue Book have taken it out for a ride and they have great things to say about it! Check out their take on it below:



Interested in checking out a Challenger model to call your own? You'll find it among the rest of our new Dodge model lineup, so take a look around and find the one that calls your name the loudest. We hope to see you soon!

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