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Leasing vs. Buying a New Car

Determine whether leasing or buying is a better fit for you.

1.  How long do you keep your vehicle?
        a.  2 - 3 years
        b.  4 - 5 years
        c.  6+ years

2.  How many miles do you put on your vehicle each year?
        a.  8,000 - 12,000 miles
        b.  13,000 - 17,000 miles
        c.  17,000+ miles

3.  At the end of your contract, do you tend to:

        a.  trade-in your existing vehicle for a new one
        b.  sell your existing vehicle before purchasing another
        c.  keep your vehicle after payoff

4.  How did you obtain your existing vehicle?
        a.  lease
        b.  finance
        c.  cash

5.  What enhancements do you make to your vehicle?
        a.  none, I maintain its factory condition
        b.  I make minor adjustments
        c.  I customize the vehicle to my tastes

6.  How do you maintain your vehicle?
        a.  take it to an authorized manufacturer/dealer
        b.  take it to an independent service dealer
        c.  perform the vehicle maintenance yourself

BEFORE BUYING, think about...........


How many miles do you drive                You have the option to buy        Release of new models before trade-in
per year?                                              the vehicle

Do you generally trade your                   You have the option to              Market conditions and gas prices
vehicle or sell it?                                   trade the vehicle and apply
                                                           the positive equity to a              Manufacturer rebates and incentives
                                                           new vehicle.  

How often do you trade or sell                You have the option to turn
your vehicle?                                         in the vehicle and not owe any
                                                            additional monthly payments.                                      


Drive a New Car more often

Eliminates any resale risk

Drive more car for less money

Allows for lower monthly payments than a retail sale

Promotes lower maintenance costs as a result of optional dealer service contracts

Allows you to keep the vehicle or trade it in for a new one when you are ready

WITH LEASING, you only pay for what you use!